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Midwest Computer Recycling Center is an organization dedicated to computer recycling - keeping old, discarded computer equipment from entering America’s landfills. Our company was established in 1998 in Branson, MO and has grown to become one of the largest computer and electronic recycling centers in the Midwest.

We refurbish a portion of the electronic equipment that is still worth using and donate it to local charities such as the Boys and Girls Club or local churches that can resell or give the equipment to those less fortunate who otherwise might not be able to afford a new computer. We would be happy to furnish documentation to this effect if you so desire. The rest is recycled, or in some cases, sold for scrap to help pay for company expenses incurred.

GO GREEN! Midwest Computer Recycling Center will come to your school, hospital or business and pick up all of your unwanted computer equipment possibly for FREE!

Midwest Recycling pickup and deliveryAs I'm sure you are aware, businesses can no longer throw old computer monitors, TV’s, or anything with a CRT tube into the landfill per Missouri Statute 260.380. IT’S THE LAW. (However, households and farmers may still discard unwanted electronics into landfills.) We are registered with the the Missouri Department Of Natural Resources Voluntary Registration Program for recyclers and demanufacturers. A certificate of Destruction is available upon request. We are in full compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Click Here to see our listing on the Missouri DNR web site. We look forward to serving your company or school with the discarding of your old and outdated equipment. Our Missouri ID # is 040152 and our EPA ID # is MOR000516229. If you live or have your business located in Arkansas, please see our page on Arkansas' upcoming landfill ban on computer and electronic wastes.

We can pick up all of your old computer equipment, computer electronics, and other electronic equipment for free except TV’s. Most recycling companies charge between $20.00 and $30.00 for a TV or a $5.00 per mile charge to pick them up. At this time, our price is $15.00 per TV. Everything else, including monitors, is free.

The following is a partial list of our client base
Blue Springs School District
Great Southern Bank
Ozark Mountain Bank
Empire Bank
St. Louis School Dist.
St. Joseph School Dist.
Bowling Green Correctional Center
Cox Health Center, Springfield, MO
    Skaggs Community Hospital
White River Valley Electric Cooperative
Grandview School District
Jefferson City School Dist.
Arkansas School Districts
City of Springfield, MO
Assemblies of God Headquarters
plus many, many more...
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